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Would you like to do meaningful work helping Albertans and British Columbians every day? The debt reduction industry can be very rewarding. You’ll get to experience the positive changes we make in peoples financial lives on a daily basis.

Major Career Challenges When Working for 4 PillarsCareers at 4 Pillars Edmonton

  • Working in a hectic, fast-paced, heavy work load, and high stress environment.
  • Adapting to a rotating daytime, evening, and weekend shift schedule.
  • Proving your company loyalty through learning, action, and attendance.
  • Dealing with highly emotional clients that depend on your consistent physical & mental presence during office hours.
  • Learning and adapting to a highly-automated system/process computer environment.
  • Completing tasks in a timely manner adding to the team’s performance.
  • Working in a growing and constantly changing work environment.
  • Completing the occasional special project on top of your regular work load.
  • Developing a team first attitude as a path to growth within the company.

Company Values


We are passionate to do the job, passionate about the company, passionate about the well being of the clients we serve, passionate about being a part of the team, passionate about looking after the company interests, passionate about increasing the company’s presence and revenue, and passionate about helping our referral partners.


We take pride in doing our work efficiently and timely; preventing and responding to client questions. We take pride in representing the company. We take pride in going above and beyond.

Details Matter

We listen, ask the correct questions, and collect the correct information. We make sure we address even the smallest details. We take pride in our work, taking notes, and updating our systems so we can properly help clients and fellow team members.


We believe in connecting with clients, partners, and team members. Building a large network of people will help the company and help team members advance their careers.

Ask and Learn

We strive for consistent improvement by always learning. We do this by asking the important questions and making proper notes to review. We take the time to learn about our role, the role we aspire to, and ourselves.

Plan Before Action

We always plan, research, peer review, and test before implementation. We always prepare before meetings out of respect for our clients.

Family Always

Team members spend eight or more hours together five days a week. This is more than some people spend with friends and families. Always consider how your actions may be affecting or perceived by your work family. Trust and loyalty are hard to build but easy to break.

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