Canadian Family in debt

What Every


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The Simple Guide to Reduce Your Debt and Live a Stress-Free Life.



Why do I share what I share with you here – for free?

Pradeep Padmanabhan - Free e-book

Pradeep Padmanabhan – Free E-book

Because I have been fortunate enough to have the right information, and legal strategies that can effectively help fellow Canadians reduce their debt. Canadians who:

  • Struggle to sleep at night not knowing where or how they are going to pay the bills.
  • Fear losing everything including their freedom, lifestyle, belongings and even their home.
  • Have nightmares of being hungry, homeless and incapable of providing for loved ones and family.
  • Are ashamed with their financial position, and are afraid to reach out.
  • Fear reaching out for help due to all the scammers out there promising magic bullet solutions.

Key Benefits

As a fellow Canadian – I have dedicated years of my life to supporting people to reduce their debt so they can:

  • Secure a more stress-free
  • Experience more confidence and certainty that there is a solution to your problem.
  • Sleep better at night not having to worry about how you will pay the bills tomorrow.
  • Feel relieved, free and empowered to live life without being at the mercy of debt.

What You Will Learn in This E-Book

  • How you got into a stressful debt situation to start with – like anything, you need to diagnose the problem and its source, before we can identify a solution.
  • Understanding the different loans and the impacts it can have on your personal life. This alone, can help you avoid taking significant risks that could result in you losing your house, car and valuables.
  • How to determine if you urgently need to do something about your debt situation – all too often, people suffer the consequences of acting to reduce their debt too late. And even then, they go about it the wrong way.
  • The 7 options to reduce your debt and live a more stress free life – you will learn what options you have to reduce your debt, so you can gain more clarity, confidence and certainty, that there is a solution to your problem.
  • The hidden pitfalls in the industry that could result in losing more money and ending up even more stressed out than before. You must be aware of them.
  • Understanding who you are getting advice from – seeking advice from the right source is extremely important. In this section we are going to discuss the institutions and professionals that you can take advice from.
  • Safe and steady success strategies to reduce your debt so you can experience freedom, security and peace of mind.
  • Choose the best debt relief option for you – tips to identify the best way to curb your debt crisis from spiralling out of control, and be on your road to successful recovery.
  • Find the right trusted advisor to help you get out of debt, and stay out of debt – legally, cost–effectively and with a near certain success rate.

Why Should You Trust Us?

  • We have been operating in Northern Alberta since 2002, have 97% success rate, are licensed, bonded with the government (Government of Alberta), and treat you with utmost respect which you deserve.
  • We work for you, not your creditors. Most debt repair consultants look to satisfy the creditor’s (who you borrowed from) interest first, rather than you – the debtor.
  • In 2016 we helped Albertans reduce their debt from more than $29 million to around $4 million.
  • As an company we have more than 60 offices throughout the country and helped restructure about $325 million of debt.




“Pradeep was excellent to work with and he provided confidence that our proposal would get done at the rate we submitted. I am paying 15 % of my debts back and that too interest free and in an affordable payment plan”
Brad S

“No words can describe what 4Pillars and Pradeep’s service have done for me and my husband. We just kept paying all the minimum payments, but were not getting anywhere as that minimum amount was only paying the interest. When we talked to Pradeep, he explained why we were not getting anywhere and I was amazed and also understood as to why the Banks did not let me know all this before. He was always so professional and non-judgemental. He walked us through every step and was always reachable. If he was in an meeting he would call back immediately when he was free. Everything went as he had mentioned and payment plan was negotiated which we never thought was possible. I would highly recommend Pradeep and his services to anyone. My only regret is that I did not call him sooner and save so much more money in interest payments. I was hesitant earlier, because I was overwhelmed and did not know whom to believe. Thank you Pradeep for giving us our freedom back!”
– Brenda

“My debts were reduced from $54000 to $18000. Pradeep was awesome and understands the subject very well. The plan prepared by Pradeep has reduced my monthly expenses and given me an plan for future”
– Mary

“We had an enormous debt that would take a long time to pay back. But because of 4 Pillars and Pradeep, my debt was reduced from $50,000 to $10,000. My monthly payment is now down to $150. We knew that if we had not got the help we got from Pradeep, we would have to sacrifice for a lot of years to pay off our debts due to high interest and have to work two jobs to catch up paying just the minimum every month. I am excited to be debt free sooner! He is also helping us with credit rebuilding so we can repair the damage we had created from our debt. Yes, debt damaged the credit and not the option which Pradeep suggested!! I would strongly advice not to listen to the people who scare you about damage to credit. I now understand what Pradeep meant, when he said “Credit damage due to our option is temporary but financial damage because of servicing debts is permanent”. Pradeep is really passionate about his work and his only intention is to help people like us to get out of debts. The help we got from him was so beyond from what we were expecting and truly trustworthy, professional company. We respect them so much. THANK YOU Pradeep. You believed in us when no other person was ready to believe us. You gave us a chance to create another GOOD LIFE!!!THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH!!!”
– Bill

Note: We have not edited the testimonials as we want to keep it original, so there might be some spelling and grammatical mistakes. We have also excluded full names and profile pictures – to respect the privacy of our clients.