I felt scared and anxious about making (debt) payments on time.

We are more relaxed now that we know when a payment is due. It is less stressful when you know where your money is going and it’s helping us in the long run.

If I had not listened to Pradeep, I would have been pushed into Bankruptcy. He explained all the options and then I became a little clear. I would strongly urge people to believe in what Pradeep is saying. He knows his job.

Working with Pradeep not only helped us financially we also feel we made a friendship that will help us out through rebuilding our future.
I was so much stressed until I met Pradeep Padmanabhan.I moved from Ontario and the economy had my finances situation bad. My initial meeting with him helped me because I immediately knew that he was working for me and not the creditors as other companies. I also had an understanding which way I should proceed with my life. I would recommend 4 Pillars and Pradeep to anyone and thankful that I found them. We were shocked how simple it was to dramatically reduce our debt. I don’t know where we would be without 4 Pillars.

Before I sought the services of 4 Pillars, I felt stressed and troubled with my financial status. I felt alone and almost near giving up. When I spoke to one of their staff initially over the phone, I felt hope; and as I started the process, I gained confidence that with her help and guidance I’d be able to reach my goal of financial freedom again.
As I am undergoing the process to resolve my financial problem, I am confident with the help that 4 Pillars is giving me. So far, I am receiving a positive result and I have control again over my spending and expenses and my money. It feels good to be able to live life at the same time having money in your possession whenever it is needed.

I felt devastated and frustrated and was at the point of giving up (before 4 Pillars).

I feel much better to be debt free now and am able to start afresh on a clean note.

Before 4 Pillars we were stressed and worried about what will happen if we can’t cope with our debts. We can’t sleep at night…

Now we feel relieved and positive about the outcome. We are sleeping much better thinking everything will be okay thanks to 4 Pillars.

Before going to 4 Pillars I was unsure of how I was going to get out of debt.

After going to 4 Pillars I am relieved and happy about the outcome!

We were very stressed. We had a lot of anxiety about our situation. We couldn’t catch up.

After completing the program we feel relief. We feel as though there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are very excited for the future. Thank you again.

I would say – go to a financial consultant that will help get your debts under control or at least lessen them. Ask them for advice on what you need to do to be stress and debt free. I am very thankful that I found the right consultant for my financial problem and now I started my Consumer Proposal. I don’t have to worry about all the credit card due dates. I am now stress free and I am very grateful for all the staff (at 4 Pillars), especially Pradeep for giving me the right direction.

I had been looking for many years for someone who would help me consolidate my debts. Each person I would contact would end up trying to sell an service which I did not require. Some of them were based out of Province. There were couple of big companies who called them non-profit but when I looked into it a little bit detail, I found that they get money from the creditors. So there was clear conflict of interest.. I even met an Trustee who was always showing me to way to go bankrupt. Now I understand that all represented the creditors interest. I was so upset that I thought the only option I did have was to go bankrupt.
Then I came across this small advertisment in an small newspaper which talked about cutting my debt. I hesitated being I thought that this was an scam or another creditor tactic. In short I was skeptic.
I am so grateful and happy that I ended up picking up the phone and talking to Pradeep. He was more than helpful and he showed me that there are always options and I do not have to stress out about the debt I was in. The plan and steps suggested resulted in an realistic way to pay my debt off in a certain amount of time and build my credit back up so I can live without having debt hanging over my head.

Please do not pass the chance in having a wonderful easy going person to have to make your life easier when dealing with debt. I would always recommend Pradeep and his services.

No words can describe what 4Pillars and Pradeep’s service have done for me and my husband. We just kept paying all the minimum payments, but were not getting anywhere as that minimum amount was only paying the interest. When we talked to Pradeep, he explained why we were not getting anywhere and I was amazed and also understood as to why the Banks did not let me know all this before. He was always so professional and non-judgemental. He walked us through every step and was always reachable. If he was in an meeting he would call back immediately when he was free. Everything went as he had mentioned and payment plan was negotiated which we never thought was possible. I would highly recommend Pradeep and his services to anyone. My only regret is that I did not call him sooner and save so much more money in interest payments. I was hesitant earlier, because I was overwhelmed and did not know whom to believe. Thank you Pradeep for giving us our freedom back!-

We felt overwhelmed because of all the debt we had before going to 4 Pillars.

We now feel more confident because in a few years our debts will be finished. At that time we will have better credit, better life, and can start achieving our new goals, such as owning a house.

If you are in a situation where no matter what you, your debt doesn’t seem to go away, 4Pillars offers options to help you out.

4Pillars provided me a way out so I could pay my debts, giving me another chance to better manage my money from now on. All staff are very accommodating and really helpful! Can’t thank them enough!

Before: I couldn’t sleep thinking about all my debts and how will I pay especially after giving birth! I thought about my daughter and how I can give her a good life when I have all these unpaid debts.

After: Now I’m so relived knowing that I can give my daughter a bright future. I can save for her future now! Thank you very much 4 Pillars!

I was stressed, wondering how I was going to pay my bills before going to 4 Pillars.

After completing the 4 Pillars debt reduction program I feel pretty good, stress free and no longer having to worry about how I’m going to pay my bills.

Before: I was stressed all the time. It was affecting every area of my life – relationships, work and my mental health. All I could think about was my debt piling up and the constant calls from collections were driving me insane. I would cry all the time. I felt hopeless.
After: Now, I feel excited. I feel like I can take control of my money because I have the knowledge to do it. I feel supported and do not feel overwhelmed anymore. There is hope and it feels great.

Before: With all the stress, I was unable to sleep. I couldn’t see my friends and I didn’t wat to do anything. I was depressed and a shut in, scared to look at my phone.
After: I am happy again. I can spend time with my friends and family. When my phone rings I am not worried because I know who is calling. The best part is I can sleep again.

There are many people like me who you are in need of your services. Would like you to not hide and come out and market yourself more.. You really helped me through a very difficult situation and you did a great job.

Before: Over the last few years, I had managed to run up almost $10,000 in unsecured debt which was mainly credit cards.
After: I contacted Pradeep and he assured me over the phone that he could help me out. I met with Pradeep and he was able to discuss various options. After our discussion, I had decided to use the Consumer Proposal and I sincerely thank Pradeep for his help.

I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about how to pay off my debt. I have no savings.

4 Pillars was fantastic at setting up my finances to move forward. 4 Pillars helped to relieve my stress and anxiety.

I was so worried about my debts. I didn’t know where to start and how to get out of my debt.

After completing the program I felt so relieved that I can get back on my feet again and be out of debt soon.

Before I found you on the internet and met you, I was drowning in my sea of debt not seeing a way out, It is very stressful and can cause all sorts of problems. I asked God for help. It took me 1-2 weeks before I call Pradeep of 4Pillars. Now, I would like to personally say a BIG “THANK YOU” for all the help you have provided me in negotiating and settling my outstanding debts! It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to answer my phone again and if it weren’t for you, I would be still be sitting here ignoring the phone. The debts just got too much for me to even figure out a way to make everyone happy, so unfortunately I did the wrong thing and ignored everyone in hopes they’d just go away. As we all know that is so far from the truth! I will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone! So thank you again to you! I truly appreciate all the help you have provided. All the best to you in 2014 and I cannot thank you enough!

I felt stress, anxiety, and I was scared before going to 4 Pillars. It felt like there was no end and that the walls were closing in. I had trouble sleeping.

After completing the program I feel relaxed, stress free, and like a huge weight has been lifted.

I was overwhelmed, stressed and scared. The debt was piling up and affected everything in my life.

After 4 Pillars I feel much better knowing that I can get my finances under control and be able to get back on track.

We had an enormous debt that would take a long time to pay back. But because of 4 Pillars and Pradeep, my debt was reduced from $50,000 to $10,000. My monthly payment is now down to $150. We knew that if we had not got the help we got from Pradeep, we would have to sacrifice for a lot of years to pay off our debts due to high interest and have to work two jobs to catch up paying just the minimum every month. I am excited to be debt free sooner! He is also helping us with credit rebuilding so we can repair the damage we had created from our debt. Yes, debt damaged the credit and not the option which Pradeep suggested !! I would strongly advice not to listen to the people who scare you about damage to credit. I now understand what Pradeep meant, when he said “Credit damage due to our option is temporary but financial damage because of servicing debts is permanent”.
Pradeep is really passionate about his work and his only intention is to help people like us to get out of debts. The help we got from him was so beyond from what we were expecting and truly trustworthy, professional company. We respect them so much.
THANK YOU Pradeep. you believed in us when no other person was ready to believe us. You gave us a chance to create another GOOD LIFE!!!THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH!!!

Have a plan to get back in control, it is not impossible. You are never too far gone to not be helped, you just have to be open to it. 4 Pillars touched on the spots where most Canadians need the help / advice but our system and pride don’t allow us to feel in control. Pradeep and Florence let me know they are here every step of the way. They made me understand there is a system to paying off debt so WORK THE SYSTEM AND IT WILL WORK FOR YOU.

Visit 4Pillars rather than bankruptcy!
4Pillars, Pradeep, and staff were very polite, helpful, and non-judgmental. When going through something like this it was nice to have the support.

Before coming to 4 Pillars I was devastated! I can’t even explain how I was because my life was upside down. I didn’t know what to do, where to go, or who to talk to; until my friend brought me here.

Now I’m happy, I can sleep all night, and I can answer all phone calls without fear. There are no more burdens on my heart.

Don’t be afraid to talk about financial details. It is a non-judgmental “space” which is provided to help discuss all options and alternatives. Get the help now before the options become limited. Pradeep was very knowledgeable in all areas. He was very honest about solutions being offered. He never made me feel bad due to my circumstances. He had my best interest in his hands and looked for the best people to deal with. I would recommend his services to others. I am less stressed after all the work he put in and I am on the right path to changing my credit positively.

You came in, when I had lost all hope and did not see no way out of our financial crisis. When we had seen one of your ads, I was skeptical. I have always believed that if anything sounded too good to be true that it probably was. That skepticism was carried over till the end. I now realize that the work which you did before we went to the creditors was the cause of the result. The outcome of your service to us has been amazing and now we have hope for our financial future,. I mostly appreciated how you only cared about what was the best course of action for our benefit. Thank you so much for all your hard work and professionalism

First and foremost, take a step away from the financial stress, to think clear of where you want to position yourself, then from that point, work backwards at the means available to get to it, like looking up 4 Pillars.
From day one at 4 Pillars it was a well elaborated, structured, and tailored journey towards making me reach my goal. I never felt left behind or anything, I always felt well coached as I progressed towards a brighter and better start for myself.

I had never gone through an debt situation before and the feeling that I was letting everyone down upset me more. I was also overwhelmed on what to do. I was thinking that I will someday get money from somewhere and this problem would vanish. All this made me procrastinate, which only added stress because it was becoming difficult for us to make end meet. I was loosing sleep and my relationship was also suffering. I would thank god for helping me realize that this debts was not going away and used the services of Pradeep. I must admit initially I was a little skeptical. The reason was that I had approached Banks earlier to find out an way out this mess and I was told by them that they could not help me. They told me that I had excellent credit but was an very risky client. Like most of people I thought that Banks were the only source of advice. When I met Pradeep, he was very professional and compassionate in our meeting and explained all the options I had. He literally made me understand each step of the process, so that I knew exactly what I was doing. I was somewhat skeptical even till the end and was surprised when the creditors accepted our offer of paying back only an portion of the debt. I thank Pradeep for being so understanding of my situation and also taking off an huge burden of my shoulder.

Before going to 4 Pillars I felt stressed about finding work that paid enough to pay for everything.

There is now less stress and a lot of weight off my shoulders after completing the program.

I was always worried about how to make ends meet, how I was going to be able to pay off or get out of debt. Lots of added stress worrying about debt and having no idea where to start.
I should have done this earlier, the process was easy and removed a lot of stress. I am now working towards rebuilding my finances and feel much better.

Put your pride aside and get the financial help you need. The financial “stress” is not worth the negative input on your health (mentally and emotionally) and happiness. Put your life back on track for YOU!!
Florence is very personable, easy to talk to, and comfortable to be with. She is informative and puts things into perspective. Her information totally makes sense and I will definitely use that information in my daily routine. I need to make changes and positive ones at that. Thank you.

We were stressed out, we had a lot of “what ifs”. Before 4 Pillars we were always worried if we could pay everything off and still have a good future ahead of us.

We are very much relieved after completing the 4 Pillars program. We are happy that we are (stuck for now) paying bills and having bad credit because we have learned a lot, so in the future we know how to budget for our future.

Being in debt is a stressful situation. I tried to seek help by consolidating then I tied 4 Pillars.

I am happy that I tried 4 Pillars! The staff where very helpful, they worked with me to put my financial situation in order. Everything was explained in full and my questions were answered clearly. I am very satisfied with the result!

Before going to 4 Pillars, I felt helpless, I would make a bill payment and there was no change to the bill. I felt I was getting older and needed to get out of debt. I spoke to my parents and they helped me in the past. Now I am unable to continue using their help. I was alone after they stopped helping me.
After going to 4 Pillars, it feels like a load has been taken off my back. I feel so much better. I went to the trustee and could help a little. The banks did not help. I was educated on my options and it sounded too good to be true but it works.

Pradeep explained the entire procedure with clarity and efficiency. Great Guy!!!

Before I met Pradeep, I had an approximate $50,000 worth of debt. These debts were because of some other things going on in my life. I am an single mom trying to raise kids on my own. These debts were there for some time which resulted in lots of stress, overwhelmness, a sense of helplessness sleepless nights, lack of concentration at work, , and fear of possible outcomes. All of these led me in to having health issues and I ended up on anti – depressants and other drugs.
When I met Pradeep, first and foremost the best things was to know that he could help me. He presented me with all my options to pay back my debt. I was also made aware that as an part of the plan the debts would be cut to one – third of the amount I owed i.e $15,000 and make arrangements for affordable monthly payments. Throughout our consultation process, Pradeep was respectful, genuinely concerned, thorough, honest and I never felt he was trying to insult me or take advantage of my situation and feelings. While he expressed his opinion of my best option, he allowed me to make up my own decision. Neither was any pressure on me into making a quick decision.
I have a handle over my finances and I now don’t feel helpless at all. I feel that Pradeep is an magician at work as well an saviour, because my debt has been cut and I am making manageable monthly payments towards it. I never knew that this option was there. Some of the other companies were driving me away from this option as it did not benefit them. I am grateful for the opportunity of working with such a wonderful person. Pradeep realizes that most of the people who are in debt is because of an situation or circumstances in life and it does not reflect on who that individual is.. I find about him is the passion in him to help without getting excited or hard pressed sales speech I would recommend Pradeep to anyone struggling with debts and financial problems in a heart’s beat. 2014 is going to be a great year for me and my kids!!

Before: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are solutions available that will help.
After: Doing a consumer proposal helped us out and gave us breathing room with our finances. The sessions we had for counselling gave us some helpful tips that are simple and easy to follow.

Before 4 Pillars we felt lost and alone. Our bank wouldn’t help us, or any consolidation firm. We tried calling numerous trustee agencies for proposals but all they wanted was more money that we didn’t have. Since signing with 4 Pillars, we are relieved their process is simple and easy. The counselors actually care and they don’t make you feel like you’ve done something wrong in your life.

Do not be too focused on what has happened, but rather put that energy into creating change. There is no shame in failing at something, it is ok to ask for help. Florence was wonderful to talk with. I didn’t know what to expect prior, but now I leave here with a great sense of accomplishment and pride that I recognized I needed help getting out of a bad financial situation. She brought a real genuine touch to our meeting and I look forward to our next session. My words also echo the great experience I had with Pradeep.

Due to the never-ending credit card payments I was stressed out. I heard about 4 Pillars from one of my friends. I came to 4 Pillars for help to find a solution for my ongoing debt issue.

Now I feel no stress after signing the proposal. I will pay the monthly payment and will be free from all debts. Thank-you 4 Pillars!

Before: My business failed, I got sick and could not work for a while. I was very worried, anxious and realized filing taxes could pay bills. Commissions were not enough. I have been bankrupt before and didn’t wat to do that but had to, to get relief. I feel better, I am making payments now. The worry that my world is going to come crashing down is over. I can now focus on my work and getting back to normal and I would love to travel again.

Before going to 4 Pillars I had a strong feeling that all the staff of 4 Pillars would surely help me to reduce my debts. I’m free of the stress that came with thinking about my debts. I’m grateful to all the staff members.

Before we felt trapped and weren’t sure how to handle the situation. We were angry all the time and stressed out.

After we used 4 Pillars were relived as it is nice to see a balance in our bank account at the end of the month. This is a fresh start and we are wanting to learn from our mistakes.

I was stressed out and felt like there was no hope of ever paying off my debt before going to 4 Pillars.

After completing the debt reduction program I am relieved and free of stressing money problems.

We had a debt of $37,000 and our lifestyle was in stress. We always pay the minimum payment but the debt never went down. We went through the 4Pillars Plan and now we feel relieved. We can now work further towards our goal which we couldn’t do before. Our finances have turned 180 degrees now.
We were very glad to sit down with the 4Pillars Edmonton team and learn how to budget and how to track our cash flow. After the proposal was passed, they explained to us in great detail about budgeting and tracking, which is very helpful.

Before:I helped a friend and he never repaid me. I reached out to the banks for help and the banks did not take the time to help with my debt situation. This made me feel scared and ignored since they refused to help me.
Now: I feel happy and I can sleep better. I don’t care about them since they never cared about me. Relax, I want to help people and get them out of debt. World also want to continue helping those in need and as poor as I am in a better space now.

I was very overwhelmed and stressed out with my debt load!

After completing the 4 Pillars program I feel better. My stress level has gone down. I now know there is an end to my debt in sight.

Seek financial help!

4 Pillars gave me my life back! I was living full of stress and anxiety. 4 Pillars changed all that. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. My stress and anxiety are gone and I actually feel good about life!

When I went to meet Pradeep intially,I was feeling that that I was letting everyone down because this debt situation is not something I had ever gone through before. Even though I was making good money, the debts were high and did not know what to do. I was worried about mu credit rating. All this was overwhelming. This feeling made me procrastinate, which only added stress. I did not listen to Pradeep properly at the first meeting. Thank god that I realized very soon that the debts was not going away. Finally I took the step of saying “YES” to go ahead. From there onwards, Pradeep basically led me through and walked me through the whole process. He was professional and compassionate and was understanding of my situation. Thank you Pradeep.

I had gone to an trustee for a credit session and I left feeling deflated and lost. I waited 9 months trying to find another way out of this mess. I came across an ad by 4Pillars and Pradeep, had our meeting and left instant relief and hope. The process was so much less stressful. Pradeep worked for me, with me and not for the creditors. My Plan went thru and at an payment that is manageable and less than half of what the trustee wanted. Now no more headaches and I can move ahead.
I would strongly recommend any person who is in debt and looking for an solution, to start working immediately with him and I am sure you will also feel the way I am feeling right now. I can’t thank Pradeep enough.

We felt worried, scared, and lost before 4 Pillars. We didn’t know how we would manage, get back to normal, and live life.
After completing the program we are able to sleep again. It feels like things are starting to feel normal again. Now we can start saving for a house, our family, travel, and emergency funds.

You helped reduce my debt from $38,000 down to $12,000. No more sleepless nights or harassing calls. Now I have savings in the bank and now I am sure with your help I will be rebuilding my credit.

When I started the process of dealing with my debt, I wasn’t sleeping and felt very anxious about my future. I was making the minimum payment but was not getting anywhere. Pradeep and 4Pillars clearly outlined my options for getting out of debt and made the stops accessible. I am now in an affordable program of debt resolution. I can see the end of my debt. The anxiety is gone. The relief is indescribable.

I would definitely advise never give up and research about debt relief programs and come to 4 Pillars. I am satisfied with the great service provided by 4 Pillars. I got my sleep back and my finances are on the right track, I am enjoying life again. Thank you 4 Pillars Team!

The first time we went to 4 Pillars we were nervous because we didn’t know what to do, even though people that we know told us that 4 Pillars can help us.

We are very lucky to have met with 4 Pillars because they are here to help us and we are thankful that because of them we know now how to manage everything.

Instead of living through stress every day, and creditors calling everyday hassling to pay bills, I would strongly advise to simply walk into 4 Pillars. I could not sleep at night, and all I could think about is the creditors.
I have peaceful nights now; I can sleep better. I enjoy my life better, I can think more clearly. 4 Pillars has provided me with so much knowledge about financial literacy. Service has been great and I was satisfied every time I came out of 4 Pillars from my meetings there.

Before 4 Pillars I felt trapped. I was maintaining payments but getting nowhere. After completing the program I feel relief. I now see a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a clear and easy path to resolving my debt.

Before coming to 4 Pillars I was feeling trapped, stressed, and overwhelmed. After completing the program I now feel relieved knowing we are trying to get everything sorted out and I can breathe again.

I felt afraid, uncomfortable, and lost in a place with no exit before going to 4 Pillars. Now, I feel release and more comfortable. I can even sleep better. Thanks!

Before I came to 4 Pillars, I was very stressed out not knowing what to do about all my debt. I have no stress anymore. I am so happy that I got all my debts figured out thanks to 4 Pillars. They were a very big help!

Pradeep treated me with the most consideration, professionalism and also helped me out so much that words can’t express my gratitude for his service.

Get help and guidance. It gave us a better understanding of how to make spending plans, using tools that we already have.

I will definitely recommend a debt relief specialist like 4 Pillars! I’m so thankful to Pradeep and all the staff of 4 Pillars for helping me become financially stable.

Pradeep was excellent to work with and he provided confidence that our proposal would get done at the rate we submitted. I am paying 15 % of my debts back and that too interest free and and in an affordable payment plan. He is also working with me on rebuilding my credit and also helping me get into an house. Awesome service!!

My debts were reduced from $54000 to $18000. Pradeep was awesome and understands the subject very well. The plan prepared by Pradeep has reduced my monthly expenses and given me an plan for future

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