Debt is emotional and difficult to live with

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We represent YOU and NOT YOUR creditors

4 Pillars has helped Candians resolve more than $1 billion in debt

Affordable and viable payment plans

We treat you with the respect you deserve

Peace of mind, improved lifestyle, increased cash flow

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Frustrated about debt hire Debt Solutions

What are the fears and pains of a person in debt?

  • Frustrated about living pay cheque to pay cheque.
  • No savings because of high interest unsecured debt payments.
  • Overwhelmed because they do not know the options to be debt free.
  • Scared that they will have to file Bankruptcy.
  • Worried about what other people will think about them.
  • Fear about losing their family, house and other assets.
  • Not knowing who represents them.
  • Nervous to talk because of guilt.

Debt Help & Debt Reduction Planning

What makes our debt help services different from the other similar services? 97% of our clients successfully complete our process to become debt-free, and we present solutions which are mostly affordable, viable and acceptable to the creditors while keeping our client’s benefit our utmost priority.

Debt Help
Reduce Your Debts

How do we help?

  • By providing a proven system which will reduce your debts.
  • We work for YOU and not your creditors.
  • Affordable, and viable repayment plans.
  • Listening and respecting our clients.
  • Assist in freeing up cash for you to use.
  • Confidentiality assured.
  • Facilitate protection from creditors.
  • Getting new credit if required.
  • Lifetime financial education.
  • Better relationship, better health, and improved quality of life.

Here’s how it works.



We will outline a personalized plan that fits your long-term financial goals and meets your immediate needs. We will be transparent in how this plan works. Our goal is to get you into a payment plan that is affordable and viable to you which will remove stress and also protect your assets.



Our goal is to get you into a payment plan that is affordable and viable to you which will remove stress and also protect your assets.



Believe it or not, having debts and making minimum payments for does affect the credit and borrowing capability for the client. We teach you how the credit system works and also understand how to effectively manage the credit and keep out of debt. This we achieve by having our clients qualify for new credit, where applicable.


Here is how it all fits together

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