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Gain access to education and tools for debt consolidation from the expert team at 4 Pillars!

While we’re not lenders ourselves, we’ll work with you to provide advice and education about all things about debt consolidation. We’ll also work  with lenders to find you the best possible interest rates and monthly payment for your lifestyle and budget. We’re here to support you – not your creditors.

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Debt Consolidation Frequently Asked Questions

Debt consolidation doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Debt consolidation is the process of combining multiple debts into a single loan or payment. Our team at 4 Pillars educates individuals about debt consolidation options to help them find suitable solutions.

No, 4 Pillars is an expert financial advocacy group that offers a complete review of your financial situation and education. We do not directly provide financing for debt consolidation.

Most unsecured debts, such as credit card debt and personal loans can be considered for debt consolidation.

4 Pillars provides education about debt consolidation options, we help our clients understand the pros and cons, and have access to lenders to explore potential solutions.

Debt consolidation does not eliminate debts entirely. It consolidates multiple debts into a single payment, making it more manageable and potentially reducing interest rates, but the debts still need to be repaid.

Debt consolidation itself should not negatively impact your credit score. However, it’s crucial to make timely payments on the consolidated loan to maintain or improve your creditworthiness.

The timeline for debt consolidation varies depending on individual circumstances and the complexity of the debts involved! Book a consultation with us to get a better understanding of your repayment timeline.

Debt consolidation may be suitable for many individuals, but it’s important to assess your financial situation and goals. Our team at 4 Pillars can help you determine if debt consolidation is the right choice or if alternative options should be considered.

To get started, reach out to 4 Pillars for a free consultation! We will assess your financial situation, educate you about debt consolidation options, and guide you through the process of finding a suitable solution with lenders.

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