Debt Help & Debt Reduction Planning

Debt relief is available!

Do you need debt help? Many people don’t know about the different options they have when suffering from high unsecured & credit card debt. We help people understand their options with a free consultation.

Are You Nervous or Scared?

Many of our past clients felt skeptical or nervous about getting debt reduction advice or debt help; just the way you may feel now. There is a lot of misinformation out there but after past clients met with our Debt Consultants, they were able to choose a debt reduction option that works for them. Every situation is different so having a face-to-face meeting is vital for our Debt Consultants to ask you important questions as they begin to develop a debt reduction plan. We encourage you to bring your spouse, partner, or trusted friend to this initial meeting. Our past clients now have reduced debt and reduced stress.

Debt Consolidation But No Loans

Debt consolidation may be a part of our debt help planning if you choose a debt reduction option that includes consolidation after meeting with out Debt consultants. We don’t give out loans. Although, we have a network of exclusive partners and proprietary services that may be able to help our clients in many different situations.

Why 4 Pillars?

Since 2002, 4 Pillars Edmonton has helped over 1000’s of clients from Northern Alberta (including Edmonton & Metropolitan Area) and Northern British Columbia. We currently have five (5) offices to serve you better-Edmonton South Side, Edmonton West Side, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, and Prince George, BC.

Are you in a different region of Canada? Go to our 4 Pillars head office website to find an office near you!

Below is a list of unsecured debt we may be able to give you debt help with:

Credit Card Debt

Credit cards are typically unsecured; you get a limit based on your credit rating and history of payments to your card. When times are hard like a slow economy or family emergency we may rely on our credit cards to maintain our current obligations. We can offer you debt help with your credit card debt!

Line of Credit Debt

A line of credit is normally unsecured and the limit is based on your credit rating or history with the financial institution you get the line of credit from. Most lines of credit have a lower interest rate than credit cards; so can be a useful tool when trying to save interest on bigger purchases. Do not confuse a line of credit with a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) because the HELOC is secured against your home.

Car or Truck Loan Shortfall

In the event that you sell your vehicle or give it back to the dealer/bank. If you owe more on the loan than the sales/auction value of the vehicle we may be able to help. Having negative equity on a vehicle loan may happen when our new vehicle depreciates, we might have bundled service packages, warranties, or other perks in the cost, or maybe you had a shortfall from a previous vehicle loan that has also been bundled in the new vehicle loan. The money still owing or shortfall is what we may be able to give you debt help with.

Overdraft Debt

When your financial institution or bank allows you to go into the negative on your bank chequing account to a set amount is called overdraft. When we get into financial difficulty we may rely on this temporary overdraft for essentials but each pay day you may not have enough money to cover the overdraft and next months bills. We may be able to offer you debt help with this overdraft debt.

Payday Loan Debt

Payday loans may be convenient but the interest and fees can make them very hard to pay back if you’re already struggling. Sometimes we have no choice, especially if the main stream banks will no longer extend you credit. We may be able to offer you debt help with this high interest payday loan debt.

Student Loan Debt

It is quite normal to take a Student Loan for completing your studies. We all plan to finish your education, get a job, and pay back the loan. Sometimes unexpected life situations come up and it becomes difficult to pay back the loan. There are special conditions but we may be able to offer you debt help.

Personal Loan Debt

You can use a personal loan for travel, marriage, home renovation, or for any other personal reason. When times are good a personal loan can help you achieve your life goals. When times are tough this may be an unwanted debt you can no longer afford. As long as it isn’t secured against an asset we may be able to offer you debt help with your personal loan debt.

Business Loan Debt

A business loan is definitely a great idea if you need funds to get your business idea started or when expanding. A major advantage of this is that you don’t have to market yourself to investors or offer them a share of the business profits. Unfortunately, when the business is struggling or worse you may be personally liable for that loan. We may be able to offer you debt help with your business loan debt.

Home Foreclosure Shortfall

A home mortgage is secured debt against your home equity. If you are behind on your mortgage payments to the bank or lender they may start foreclosure proceedings to sell your home to pay off your mortgage. If you are unable to catch up they may sell your home. When your home is sold it may be for less than what you owe the bank. This is the shortfall that we may be able to offer you debt help with.

Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) Debt

Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) Debt is any form of tax you may owe from income tax, employment insurance over payment, child tax over payment, business tax etc. There may be some conditions but we may be able to offer you debt help with your CRA debt.

Our Company

4 Pillars Edmonton Debt Help

4 Pillars Edmonton Debt Help

We work with individuals and families who are frustrated about living pay check to pay check because of high interest debt payments. We offer debt help to people who are overwhelmed because they do not know what to do, scared that they will have to file Bankruptcy, and will not qualify to buy anything in the future. There is debt help for people that are stressed about their financial future and are worried about what other people will think about them.

We offer debt help solutions which are legal, affordable, and viable that thousands of Canadians have used! Our services are being used by people in total confidentiality. Can you imagine having more available money (cash-flow) at the end of each month? Now you can have cash-flow to plan for the important things in life like retirement, travel, saving to buy a new house or vehicle, or even just to buy gifts for your children, family, or friends.

What makes our debt help services different from the other similar services? We have 97% success rate, are licensed & bonded with the government, and treat you with the utmost respect; which you deserve!

Our clients get the best advice and support allowing them to get back in control of their lives.

Serving Northern Alberta and Northern British Columbia

Honesty and Integrity

We will fully explain all your debt help & debt reduction options and will walk you through the plan you choose. We will not advise you to do anything unethical. Our motto is simple, “If a person does something wrong, they have to pay for it later with interest. So let us do it honestly and pay less now.”


You confidentiality is our highest priority. Nothing will be discussed about you outside the office. What is discussed in the office remains in the office. We follow all provincial and federal privacy laws.


We understand that debt is sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances like health challenges, family issues, or even loss of job. Our belief is to have gratitude to the people who helped you and move forward.


Owner Pradeep has seen his close friends go through difficult debt situations. He has also seen some of them lose their assets because they received bad advice. That is what brought him into this business. With proper understanding of your rights and understanding of all the options; Pradeep and his Team can help turn around most situations.