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We cover all of Northern Alberta and Northern British Columbia!

We are passionate about creating plans for people to reduce their debt and putting them on the path to financial freedom! 4 Pillars Edmonton is a fast growing and fast paced multi-cultural office. There are opportunities for dedicated employees with the right skills and team attitude. Our passion and ability to help people are only as good as our team!

Since 2002 4 Pillars Consulting Group has helped to prepare plans to reduce Canadian’s debt.  In 2016 4 Pillars oversaw the restructuring of about $200 Million in unsecured debt nationwide! With over 60 offices across Canada we are the largest debt restructuring company working on behalf of the debtors (YOU) in Canada.

4 Pillars reviews all insolvency options including consumer proposal and bankruptcy through Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LIT’s) with our clients. Additionally we provide budgeting and credit building for our clients with the use of many financial tools and partnerships. This allows 4 Pillars to get the greatest reduction in debt forgiveness for our clients with the lowest possible payments. We reduce our client’s stress and a head start on rebuilding their lives.

The Edmonton 4 Pillars office has set the standards for debt settlement services and financial literacy by restructuring over $29 Million in 2016. Today, thousands of individuals across Northern Alberta and Northern B.C. seek our services and expertise. Our success is built firmly upon the quality and dedication of our employees, delivering results and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Local Owner Pradeep Padmanabhan

Pradeep has been helping Albertans reduce debt for almost 10 years and now he is teaching his team to do the same. He travels and networks all over and is working to open additional offices in Northern Alberta and Northern BC.

Here is Pradeep on his birthday showing off the fancy pen the staff gave him!

Edmonton Office Team – Christmas Donations 2016

Hockey Jersey Giveaway Contest Winner – May 2017