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Considering bankruptcy? Before filing, connect with 4 Pillars to learn about your options!

When facing overwhelming financial challenges, bankruptcy may seem like the only way out – and sometimes it is. However, at 4 Pillars, we believe in providing you with education on alternative solutions that can help you regain control of your finances before choosing to file bankruptcy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bankruptcy

Interested in learning more about your Bankruptcy options? Take a look at our frequently asked questions.

4 Pillars, as an advocacy group, provides education and guidance on Bankruptcies as well as all other options available .

Yes, pursuing bankruptcy  can often put a stop to creditor contact.

Book your free consultation with the team at 4 Pillars to find out! We can assess your specific financial situation, understand your goals, and provide personalized advice on the most suitable options.

Most unsecured debts, such as credit card debt and personal, can typically be included in bankruptcy. However, certain debts like child support and court-imposed fines may not be eligible.

Pursuing Bankruptcy may temporarily impact your credit score.

The timeline for bankruptcies varies depending on individual circumstances.

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