3 thoughts on “How Coffee Is Hurting Your Budget

  1. How To Get Your Budget Under Control | Get Debt...

    […] If you are looking for some breakthrough budgeting tips to get out of debt, then we’ve got a one good piece of advice for you stop drinking coffee. Coffee is not the only daily habit that is seriously hurting your finances. Eating out, happy hour drinks and soda drinks can also affect your finances. So it's better you should stop spending on such items to get out of debt fast.  […]

  2. Denisejohnsonaa22 | Pearltrees

    […] We are in the last month of this year and this is a time for you to prepare your finances for the next year. Although time may be short, certain money resolutions can not wait until new year. Advantages of having an emergency fund. How Coffee Is Hurting Your Budget. […]

  3. Mr. S

    Well stated in another great post. When it comes to budgeting and getting out of debt you have to make sacrifices. Some people can’t give up their coffee habit but there are work arounds such as buying instant coffee, buying ground coffee over K-cups or limiting trips to Dunkin Donuts or if your like me Starbucks! I wrote a similar post in which I spoke about 3 steps to clearing debt and I highlighted the following in a post titled 3 Steps to Clear Credit Card Debt. These steps apply to anyone looking to improve their debt situation:
    1) Total all of your bills.
    2) Pick 1 credit card to focus on.
    3) Pick 1 thing you can live without.
    See the post at http://www.bad-credit-fix.com/Fix-Bad-Credit/3-steps-to-clear-credit-card-debt/

    Keep the great post coming!

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