8 questions you should ask yourself before paying that debt

1.      Is it an official Collection Agency? Ordinary, you won’t have a thug banging down your door and asking you to pay a debt; that only happens in films. Whoever contacts you from the collection agency should be asked to show some identification and a Collection Agency License. If they don’t have one on them, you can […]

Is there anyway to avoid talking to a Collection agency ?

There are plenty of options for you to get out of debt. However, when you are making that decision, it is important that you don’t allow any external agency to influence you. They can harass, stress you out and push you to make a hasty decision, which you might regret later. The easiest way to […]

6 Things to know when collection agency comes calling

Nothing can be more annoying than a debt collector calling you continuously and demanding payback. Just because you owe money, that doesn’t mean you give a debt collector a free rein to ride you! Well, a debt collector, unfortunately, will come after you when a creditor sells an bad debt. This decision usually happens because […]