Hidden Fees In Your Credit Card That Hold You Back From a Debt-Free Life

Credit cards are a great way to build a positive credit history, earn amazing rewards and keep track of your expenses, avoiding possible frauds without risking your checking or saving accounts. However, credit cards companies are a business and their primary purpose is to make a profit, the way to do it is with fees […]

Save or Pay off Debt

When you find yourself sinking into a debt hole, you are faced with a dreaded dilemma, should you save your money, or should you focus on paying off your debt. Saving money is a good idea, as you can create an emergency fund and save money for the future for things like a higher education […]

Get off Debt

There are tons of people who reach that level where is enough, is enough, and they just can’t deal with their debt. As much as they wished, the debt problem doesn’t really go away. It keeps coming back and each time it comes back more frequently. It definitely keeps getting worse from letter to calls […]