Blog 2: Credit Score: What It Is And How To Improve It

You might have heard the term “credit score” through movies, tv programs and more importantly through your bank account. But, what is a credit score? Why do I need a good credit score?  4 Pillars is always seeking to educate our audience and promote healthy financial decisions, for that reason we will cover all you […]

How to run a household in debt?

Managing household expenses efficiently while in debt is crucial to ensure that it does not get out of hand. In order to make regular debt payments along with interest, household expenditure should be limited to the bare essentials. When household savings increase, household debt payments become easier. Here are a few debt counseling tips on […]

Credit Score Myths you need to break

Over the years, we have helped many clients solve their debt and credit problems. If there is one thing that keeps recurring back to us, it is that customers don’t completely know how the credit report and credit score works. Your credit report is essentially a complete documentation of all your credit transactions, and the […]

How Does The Debt Consolidation Program Through 4Pillars Make Me Debt Free Faster?

Debt consolidation program by the banks require people to have high credit score, low debt servicing ratio and sometimes, a co-signor. This is the best program for debtors to go for. (You can learn about it on another article I’ve written – Why should I settle my outstanding debts with the creditors? (provide link)) However, […]

Why Should I settle My Outstanding Debts With The Creditors?

Many debtors take the decision to avoid dealing with debt. They hide from creditors, avoid taking phone calls from collection agencies, change phone numbers often, switch jobs frequently and may even work for plain hard cash. They assume they can duck and hide from creditors and collection agencies forever. However, in today’s technologically networked world, […]

I have been sued by my creditor. What are my options?

No matter how much effort you put into paying your overdue debts, there will be situations where a creditor can take you to court and have you sued. You want to avoid getting into such a sticky situation, as much as possible. However, sometimes, things take a wrong turn and it happens. A creditor usually […]

Cleaning Up Your Credit Report

Credit report is an important document that tracks your financial transactions during the last 6 years. A good credit report and score is built over time. If you find yourself with a bad credit report, then your financial options are reduced. Your credit applications can be denied, good interest rates won’t be available to you […]

Easier Loan and Credit Card Approval

Getting a credit card or securing a loan is not easy as one think. Lenders have the option to refuse your loan application. The reasons for this could be because of a poor credit score or no credit history at all. A bad credit score or no credit history points that you are not creditworthy. […]

My Marriage is On the Rocks; We’re Always Fighting About Money. Help!

It’s okay for you and your spouse to get into fights. No married couple can avoid it. However, do your fights take an ugly turn (throwing of pillows and pans!) when you’ll start talking about who pays for what? Finance among couples can be a touchy topic which many prefer to avoid. Rather than talk […]