Why People Don’t Budget And Why You Should

If you spend the time daydreaming about having more money because your paycheck is not enough, probably “lack of money” is not your only issue. Budgeting is the first and most common advice when you are struggling with money. Everyone knows about it, but only a few of us create and follow our budgets. But, […]

Most Common Debts Among Canadians

It has never been easier to have access to credit, especially in a country like Canada. Even if that accessibility is linked to many benefits, it also carries a lot of disadvantages for Canadians.  Did you know that the average debt held by Canadians is $23,035? And that number is even higher when you are […]

Emotional and Physical Effects of Having Debts and How To Cope

Have you suffered from insomnia since you applied for another loan to “pay off” your debts? Or have you left unopened bills on your table because you are doing “well”? Do you experience headaches or physical pain every time you think about your debts? You are probably overwhelmed by your financial problems and your body […]

How To Calculate Your Net Worth And Why Is Important For Your Debt

Have you ever heard of the term net worth? Do you know how it can affect your debt? Or even your business? We will solve all your doubts and clarify some important points that surround your net worth. You will be able to track your financial health, illustrate your progress, and pay off your debt. […]

Should I Sell My Home To Get Out Of Debt?

The economic downturn in Alberta is nothing new. The number of properties on the real estate market in Alberta has gone up as a result, which has created the worst scenario to try to sell a house. Prices haven’t dropped dramatically yet, so it remains unclear whether Albertans have bailed out of home ownership on […]

Working out love, money and debt together

Between most couples, the big elephant in the room is on dividing financial responsibility and handling debts. In fact, this can be a large stress point between couples, often leading to breakups and divorces. If you are caught in a quagmire, have a look some of these financial tips for couples seeking debt financial assistance. […]

Fix your busted budget

When it comes to budgeting, one of the toughest things you will face is sticking to your budget. Sticking to a budget is like sticking to a belief. It is difficult and there are times when you will compromise, but you eventually come back to it. On the other hand, when you break your budget, […]

10 ways to live frugally and save tons of money

The richest people are the ones who live frugally. The problem with salary increments and credit limit increases are that as they increase, so does your cost of living. Even though you have increased income, your savings haven’t improved drastically. The issue at hand is a simple one – you aren’t living frugally. Here 10 […]