Should I Sell My Home To Get Out Of Debt?

The economic downturn in Alberta is nothing new. The number of properties on the real estate market in Alberta has gone up as a result, which has created the worst scenario to try to sell a house. Prices haven’t dropped dramatically yet, so it remains unclear whether Albertans have bailed out of home ownership on […]

9 ways to discourage Collectors from calling you without Stressing out

There are some collection agencies that just don’t have any decency. They cross the line of legality and human courtesy. No debtor wants to get calls every hour from a collector agency, but it’s known to happen. It may even have happened to you. However, there are ways to deal with such discourtesy behaviour. 1.      […]

How can a creditor recover an outstanding debt?

One of the responsibilities of being a creditor or collection agency is actually recovering the money owed. A collection agency swings into action  when the debt becomes overdue or on a court judgment . If you are not able to pay or even unwilling to pay off the outstanding amount, the creditor can recover the […]

I have been sued by my creditor. What are my options?

No matter how much effort you put into paying your overdue debts, there will be situations where a creditor can take you to court and have you sued. You want to avoid getting into such a sticky situation, as much as possible. However, sometimes, things take a wrong turn and it happens. A creditor usually […]

7 ways you can restrict Collection agency calls

The job of a collection agency is to get debtors to pay back the debt. As a debtor, you will get mails, phone calls and at times and also summons from the court . However, even you have to agree that a line needs to be drawn between collection agencies contacting and harassing you to […]

Five Tips To Help You Save for a Down Payment

Now that you are done scouting through neighbourhoods, tirelessly checking every potential house and then undertaking in-depth research of the areas, you have finally decided on a house.  So, the only thing that remains is to pay for the house. Buying your own house is no cheap matter. To purchase a house, you have to […]

How Do I Know Whether Or Not To Refinance My Mortgage?

Refinancing mortgage is usually something you opt for when you want to go in for a new loan without completely paying off your old one. This is usually done by combining your old and new loans together or completely restructuring them. Questions such as your financial situation and your eligibility for the mortgage should be […]

How do I know if I have too much debt?

In the today’s age, we all live on the means on credit. Credit cards, loans and mortgages are all credit lines. And, it’s not only you that runs a credit line. All the governments of this world run on a deficit budget, where in they spend more money than they have and take many lines […]

Five Money Management Tips for Teens

It’s when your children hit their teenage years that they start demanding more money. They are slowly moving away from school, spending more on outings and may even start dating. As you give your children more money to spend around, this is the time they need to pick up on the responsibility of finance. Managing […]

Eight Tips to Start Saving Now

The more money you have, the more you can save. Saving up on money should be an important priority for any person. Most of us have short term desires such as that expensive motorcycle or tech gadget that we want to get our hands on. Some like to save up in case of a rainy […]