Money & Love: Why You Need To Talk About Money With Your Partner BEFORE Marriage

Sharing the rest of your life with your loved one is a rewarding and beautiful experience, both of you are eager to start a future together while your dreams and goals come true. However, the honeymoon phase can turn into a nightmare, if you haven’t discussed with your partner how your financial situation is going […]

Create a Realistic Budget During Covid-19

Thinking of a budget might be impossible for some of us, not even talk about creating and following one! However, with Covid-19 cases rising over the provinces and stay-at-home orders, economic recovery is still uncertain. Many of us are learning in the hard way how important savings and emergency funds are. But, with the pandemic […]

Five Tips to Involve the Whole Family With the Household Budget

Setting up a budget is a good habit to stay financially sound. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to bring your children up with good habits. Financial responsibility is something your children have to learn. Teach them to respect the dollar. There is an saying that “Money does not grow on trees” and your children […]