Lost in credit? Do you need a debt counsellor? Whom can you turn to for professional help?

We all have our talents, skills and interests. But most people are just not inherently good with money.

Sometimes, even managing your own finances may send you down a hole which you can’t crawl out of. This can happen when you take on too many loans or credit cards than you can manage. Eventually, you will get lost in your own credit situation and not completely understand what’s happening to your finances. That’s okay! It happens to a surprising number of people. What can you do when you keep getting mails from creditors, banks and other financial institutes and you are unsure what to do?

You get a debt counsellor.

– You don’t know how much Debt you Owe

If you don’t keep track of your the debt you are under, you never know when you will sink. Not being aware of your debt is a clear indication that you are in troubled waters. Your financial situation maybe sinking and you may not even have any idea.

– You’ve Never Looked at your Credit Report or you don’t understand it

The credit report shows vital information on where your financial situation stands. The credit score is a rating on that financial situation. You should look at your credit report at least once a year or get someone to take a look at it.

You may have looked at your credit report, but not understood it. This happens because your credit report is a complex financial document. There is no clear cut formula to how the score is given that has been revealed.

– You have got a Notice from your Creditor

A notice from your creditor is a warning which you should pay attention to. It is a sign that you finances are strained and you can’t pay the debts back in time.

– A Collection Agency is in Touch with you

This is a clear sign that you need help since collection agencies are not to be trifled with. You have now become a debt defaulter. This is bad because you can be harassed by the collection agency and even be taken to court.

What a Debt Counsellor can Do for You

A debt counsellor will take care of all the above problems and more. He will review your finances, go through the credit report, deal with creditors and help you stop any harassment from collection agencies. This is what he does and he knows how to build up your finances and convince creditors to terms that you fit your needs.

Who Do You Pick?

You pick a debt counsellor who understands your situation. A debt counsellor may have all the knowledge and would have spent decades in the industries, but if he doesn’t understand your situation, then he can’t help you. Most importantly, the debt counsellor should represent you and not your creditors. Find that out before signing on the dotted line.

4 Pillars digs deep into your background and focuses on your future goals. We take into account your needs and wants before we suggest appropriate advice, plans and debt restructuring strategies.


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