June 30, 2014

8 questions you should ask yourself before paying that debt

1.      Is it an official Collection Agency? Ordinary, you won’t have a thug banging down your door and asking you to pay a debt; that only happens in […]
May 1, 2014

How Does The Debt Consolidation Program Through 4Pillars Make Me Debt Free Faster?

Debt consolidation program by the banks require people to have high credit score, low debt servicing ratio and sometimes, a co-signor. This is the best program […]
April 29, 2014

Consolidate High Interest Rates Debts Using a Debt Consolidation Loan

A debt consolidation loan is where one of the banks, credit unions or private finance lenders provide an alternative source to pay off your outstanding debts […]
March 1, 2014

Better Negotiating Power

Nothing is set in stone and even those offers you see on a bank’s website or brochure can be changed. Lender agencies offer loans and credit […]
February 13, 2014

5 Top Rated Apps To Manage Your Expenses And Plan Your Budget

Keeping a budget is one of the best ways to be financially responsible. But expenses take a big chunk out of any one’s budget. If you […]
February 12, 2014

My Marriage is On the Rocks; We’re Always Fighting About Money. Help!

It’s okay for you and your spouse to get into fights. No married couple can avoid it. However, do your fights take an ugly turn (throwing […]
December 27, 2013

Why is Credit Card Debt is Bad

We may live in a cashless society, but the futuristic concept of a moneyless one is still quite far away. Most of us rely very much […]