5 Top Rated Apps To Manage Your Expenses And Plan Your Budget

Keeping a budget is one of the best ways to be financially responsible. But expenses take a big chunk out of any one’s budget. If you are hoping to cut down on your spending and save up, you have to first be aware of them. Gone are the days where you had to pull out a small note book or a piece of paper to note down your spending so you wouldn’t forget later on. With a smartphone in your pocket, it’s much easier. There are plenty of apps that can help you keep track of spending and are loaded with other helpful features. Here’s a quick look at five that would definitely help you out – for free!

Manage Your Expenses And Plan Your Budget

This is a budgeting app for the road trip junkie. It is a semi-automated app that keeps track of your cash expenses, credit card expenses and bank account. Expensify can even scan receipts and notes through its build-in optical character recognition feature, the SmartScan. This would save you from having to tediously type in the expense details. However, don’t expect it to read scribbling and illegible writing. In addition, you can add time related expenses. Using the app’s GPS feature, you can track the mileage of your vehicle. The app gives you frequent reports on your spending.

Toshl Finance
This is a multi-platform app which synchs in through the net. You can set expenses as recurring for those daily expenses. You can create weekly or monthly budgets and the app has great features for keeping track and managing your money.The app also has a reminder so you don’t miss out on paying any pending bills. The foreign currency convertor with daily exchange rates makes it easy to keep track of spending when you go aboard. The results are presented in an easy to read manner using graphs and infographics.

Daily Expense Manager
If you are having trouble keeping track of the small spendings such as a pen, a hotdog, etc, throughout the day, install the daily expense manager. The app has a fantastic colour coding which makes interacting with it easy. You can view the data by date, month, payment and even category. On a whole, this is a very easy app for those who want to keep simple and quick record of their spending.

Manage Your Expenses And Plan Your Budget1

Easy Money
If this is the first time you are trying to keep track of you expenses and create a budget, you’d want to install Easy Money. It is straight forward app that has many features like expense tracker, bill reminder, checkbook register and budget planner. You can set reminders for upcoming bills.
Easy Money is divided into Income and Expenses and its interface has clear cut categories.

Monthly Budget
If you really want to dive into budgeting and apps, monthly budget is the way to go. It has a neat income and expense log to track your transactions. From your daily expenses to keeping track of your bill payments, you can keep note of everything. The app allows you to set up detailed budgets.

If you’re not use to budgeting, you will find many features of the app useless, but if you love budgeting, every feature will have its use.
Five apps are more than enough to get you started, so try them out and check which one suits you.

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