Easy Ways To Improve Credit Score

Having a good credit score is critical to being financially healthy. It shows that you pay your debt on time, have a manageable debt amount, and are a responsible debtor. If you don’t have a good credit score, you will find it difficult to access the best loan and credit programs. Additionally, the better your […]

How Can You Deal With Debt Collectors

No one likes to be contacted by a debt collector. However, if you have not paid your debt, a creditor may send a collector after you. Debt collectors can use aggressive, and often almost illegal forms to harass debtors. If you are being harassed or intimidated by someone trying to recover a debt, there are […]

8 ways the 2016 budget will affect your finances

The budget 2016, released on March 22, has introduced significant revisions to the previous budget with the key objective to help the middle-class by targeting the wealthy Canadians to bridge the economic gap in the country. Major changes have been made to the tax structure and investments for infrastructure and economic growth have been prioritized. […]

How to manage your credit cards and not be managed by them

Without plastic money, it’s difficult to get through the day. Today, most payments call for the use of credit cards. In turn, you have to pay back the money monthly with interest. If not managed well, credit card usage can make you over-spend money which you don’t have and result in debts which will piggyback […]

Why is Credit Card Debt is Bad

We may live in a cashless society, but the futuristic concept of a moneyless one is still quite far away. Most of us rely very much on plastic money in the form of credit cards. Credit cards give you a credit line to money which you don’t have. It creates a temporary debt which you […]

How Borrowing Money Each Month Can Quickly Ruin Your Finances

Having a credit card is as good as taking a loan every month. Plus, your supermarket and gas cards may also work on a monthly credit which are high interest. Every month you take a loan, spend it and at the end of the month you return the money with interest. Countries like ours, have […]