How Can You Deal With Debt Collectors

No one likes to be contacted by a debt collector. However, if you have not paid your debt, a creditor may send a collector after you. Debt collectors can use aggressive, and often almost illegal forms to harass debtors. If you are being harassed or intimidated by someone trying to recover a debt, there are things you can do to stop this behaviour. Let’s take a look at some tips which can be helpful for handling officers during debt collection.

Before we start, remember one important thing – Don’t panic.


You will get a call from the debt collector only if you have received a notice earlier which tells you about the amount of debt that you owe. It’s only 6 days after you receive the notice that you get a call for debt collection.

Also remember that you can be contacted only 3 days a week and you can’t be called on holidays.

Be pleasant

As per the law, debt collectors can be demanding and persuasive when it comes to debt collection. But they can never use language that is abusive or they cannot threat. In case you have doubts, recording the conversation is a way to outsmart debt collection. If you declare at the start of the conversation that you are recording the conversation, the debt collector will think twice before using any abusive language.

Check the License

When the debt collector contacts you, find if it is licensed. If the agency isn’t licensed, you are not obligated to talk to them. Furthermore, all debt collection agencies must be licensed under the FAIR Trading Act. Find out the license number, agency name and address. Note the information and get it checked. This can be helpful for handling officers during debt collection.

Threaten Back

You can also threaten the debt collector back. As a consumer, you assert your rights and can take the debt collection agency to a consumer court. Threatening back is a way to outsmart debt collection.

Take them to the Consumer Forum

If the debt collector harasses you and breaks the rules, you can take him to the Consumer Forum. You can present evidence, like in the form of a phone call recording, as proof. Even if you’re a debtor, you should not let the debt collector take advantage and harass you.

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