Most Common Debts Among Canadians

It has never been easier to have access to credit, especially in a country like Canada. Even if that accessibility is linked to many benefits, it also carries a lot of disadvantages for Canadians.  Did you know that the average debt held by Canadians is $23,035? And that number is even higher when you are […]

Hidden Fees In Your Credit Card That Hold You Back From a Debt-Free Life

Credit cards are a great way to build a positive credit history, earn amazing rewards and keep track of your expenses, avoiding possible frauds without risking your checking or saving accounts. However, credit cards companies are a business and their primary purpose is to make a profit, the way to do it is with fees […]

Debt Collectors: Dos and Don’ts

How do you know your debt situation is bad? A debt collector is after you. A debt collector is sent when the debtor frequently misses monthly payments and fails to get in touch with the lender agency. The lender agency has a collector agent collect the money. Often a debt collector indulges in aggressive and […]