Debt Collectors: Dos and Don’ts

How do you know your debt situation is bad? A debt collector is after you. A debt collector is sent when the debtor frequently misses monthly payments and fails to get in touch with the lender agency. The lender agency has a collector agent collect the money.

Often a debt collector indulges in aggressive and even illegal means to get the money. That’s why you need to know what a debt collector can and cannot do.

Not Mail you First

Before the debt collector gets in touch with you, you have to be informed of the debt problem. If you don’t have the mail, ask the debt collector to get in touch with after you have received the mail.

Not Call you too Often

In fact, a debt collector can only call you three times a week, and not on public holidays.

Not Tell anyone Apart From You

A debt collector can’t reveal your debt problems to anyone else. If someone else picks up your phone, they can’t say anything about your debt problem. Furthermore, it is against the law for the debt collector to reveal your debt problem to your family or employer.

Not Abuse or Threaten You

Whether it is on the phone, or a face-to-face conversation, a debt collector cannot abuse or physically threaten you.

Not Rob or Physically Assault You

If you are robbed or physically assaulted by a debt collector you need to report it immediately to authorities. Also, get in touch with the lender agency and debt collection agency and let them know. This is absolutely against the law.

Allow to be Recorded

You can record every conversation with the debt collector. Furthermore, you can inform the debt collector that the conversation is being record. This will prevent any abuses or threats from occurring.

Take them to the Consumer Forum

If the debt collector harasses and breaks the rules, you can take him to the Consumer Forum. You can present evidence, like in the form of a phone call recording, as proof.

Even if you’re a debtor, you should not let the debt collector take advantage and harasses you, know the dos and don’ts.


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