Most Common Debts Among Canadians

It has never been easier to have access to credit, especially in a country like Canada. Even if that accessibility is linked to many benefits, it also carries a lot of disadvantages for Canadians.  Did you know that the average debt held by Canadians is $23,035? And that number is even higher when you are […]

Debt Collectors: Dos and Don’ts

How do you know your debt situation is bad? A debt collector is after you. A debt collector is sent when the debtor frequently misses monthly payments and fails to get in touch with the lender agency. The lender agency has a collector agent collect the money. Often a debt collector indulges in aggressive and […]

What can you do when harassed by a debt collector

I don’t think any person wants to be harassed by debt collectors. How do they harass you? Well, it all starts with a phone call, then multiple phone calls throughout the day. Then they call up your family and friends, perhaps even your employer. After that, it’s the knocks on the door, they keep visiting […]

How do you know your debt consultant is good?

When you approach a debt counselor, you want to know that this person can help you. You’re spending time and money, and these are vital resources when you’re in debt. So, yes, you have every right to wonder and be worried on whether the debt counselor will be able to help you. So, here’s how […]

5 Ways to teach your children the value of money

The most important commodity which makes survival possible is money and children should be trained from a young age to be financially sound. You must be aware of many examples of how kids get into bad spending habits in their childhood then tend to retain this attitude for the rest of their lives. Mine as […]