How do you know your debt consultant is good?

When you approach a debt counselor, you want to know that this person can help you. You’re spending time and money, and these are vital resources when you’re in debt. So, yes, you have every right to wonder and be worried on whether the debt counselor will be able to help you.

So, here’s how know your debt consultant is good and will get your out of debt.


What credentials does the debt consultant have? A debt consultant agency is part of various national and local groups. At the same time, it should be accredited by a trustworthy third party agency. Through this, you know that the debt consultant is recognized by various private and government institutions.

Experience and Knowledge

Does the debt consultant have the knowledge, qualification and experience to help you out? Ask him. You need a debt consultant who is well-versed in the consumer debt economy, has help people get rid of debt, and has dealt with lender agencies.

Get in Touch with Previous Customers

This is a great way to assess not only how authentic the debt consultant is, but also to find out how effective and helpful the debt consultant is. Ask your debt consultant for contact information to get reach out to previous customers. Ensure you question them thoroughly.

Agreement in Writing

It is not about what is said, it is what is written. A debt consultant may promise to represent you and your case with lender agencies to negotiate with them, but may refuse when the time comes. In that case, you have it in writing to deal with it.

Tells you the Truth

The biggest telling factor that the debt consultant is a good one is that he tells you the truth. Being in debt is not fun, neither is it a joke. A debt consultant should not sugar-coat the truth. This way you know where you stand with debt and what your best options are.

Give you all the Options

When it comes to solving debt, you have a range of options like negotiating the interest rate, consolidating debt and even declaring bankruptcy. A good debt consultant will give you all the options and inform you about the pros and cons, so you can make the best choice. After all, it is your debt problem and you need to know the relief and additional burden you when you make the choice.

So, when you find a debt consultant with all these points, you know you’ve found the one. If not, you’ll find the best debt consultant in Edmonton at 4 Pillars. It’s accredited by BBB, has years of experience and has helped solve many debt problems.


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