Blog 2: Credit Score: What It Is And How To Improve It

You might have heard the term “credit score” through movies, tv programs and more importantly through your bank account. But, what is a credit score? Why do I need a good credit score?  4 Pillars is always seeking to educate our audience and promote healthy financial decisions, for that reason we will cover all you […]

Money & Love: Why You Need To Talk About Money With Your Partner BEFORE Marriage

Sharing the rest of your life with your loved one is a rewarding and beautiful experience, both of you are eager to start a future together while your dreams and goals come true. However, the honeymoon phase can turn into a nightmare, if you haven’t discussed with your partner how your financial situation is going […]

Dos And Don’ts of Stopping Credit Card Debt

Bad habits do not die easily. So if you want to avoid having debts, you want to control your credit card usage. Most of us risk our financial freedom by falling into the trap of credit card debt. Credit card usage is a way of life for us, but used improperly it will result in […]

2 Step Emergency Plan for Dealing With High Debt.

Facing a financial emergency caused by a debt crisis can be overwhelming. The key here is to not press the panic button and instead deal with high debt rationally. Have a look at these steps to get the debt monkey off your back. 1) Plan Your Budget Properly The most effective way to deal with […]

How does your credit score fall every time someone checks it

When it comes to credit reports and scores, understandably, there are a lot of misconceptions. One question that is frequently asked by our customers is “Does my credit score fall every time someone checks it?” The short answer is – Yes. The more instances your credit report is called for, the lower your credit score […]

Don’t miss filing your tax returns

Tax season is around the corner and it is time to start preparations to file your tax returns. Are you dreading going through your financial documents and preparing the tax return application? Maybe you have even come up with an excuse as to why you cannot file your tax returns – such as ‘I don’t […]

How to reduce your shopping bills and save more

A convenience store’s sole objective is to make people buy goods. From colorful packaging, mouthwatering food items and deceptive deals everything is a strategy to make customers buy more. Retailers are businessmen and there is nothing wrong with them trying to make more money. However you should try your best to stay within the budget […]

Top 7 reasons you are not able to solve debt

The average Canadian household debt is over $50,000. For many people, having debt is a frustrating experience that never seems to go away no matter how much they try. More so, some slowly get sucked into a debt hole that is really difficult to get out of. Credits score dips and collection agent come after […]

How do you know your debt consultant is good?

When you approach a debt counselor, you want to know that this person can help you. You’re spending time and money, and these are vital resources when you’re in debt. So, yes, you have every right to wonder and be worried on whether the debt counselor will be able to help you. So, here’s how […]

How to budget properly and stop getting into debt

You want to know the secret of staying financially healthy? It is something called a budget. Setting a budget is the best way to put your house in order. When you find money magically slipping through your fingers, a budget will tell you where it is going. Learning how to budget is not something you […]