How to reduce your shopping bills and save more

A convenience store’s sole objective is to make people buy goods. From colorful packaging, mouthwatering food items and deceptive deals everything is a strategy to make customers buy more. Retailers are businessmen and there is nothing wrong with them trying to make more money. However you should try your best to stay within the budget as a prudent buyer.

Price per unit

Businesses package their products in fancy ways to appear bulky. The price per unit section of packaged goods tells us which goods are a cheaper option and provide more quantity. Price per unit is a sure way not to be cheated.

Avoid deals

Supermarkets have a neat way of offering deals which look good on packaging. Deals such as buy one get one free seem great at first but trick us into buying stuff we don’t need. Avoid such deals like the plague it’s never worth the price. However, if the item is something you do need, like toilet paper, than make the purchase.

Grocery List

Making a list of items to be bought and sticking to it is a simple way of staying under the budget. The list guides you to buy what you need among attention grabbing items in a supermarket.

Buy in bulk

Consumable goods with long shelf lives should be bought in bulk. This way money isn’t wasted on wasteful packaging and frequent trips to the supermarket. For example stocking up a year’s worth of dry food, canned meats, personal products and batteries will save you a ton of money. Buying these goods in bulk is advantageous if inflation increases their prices in the future.

Local stores

Local stores sourced with locally grown products have cheaper food items than supermarkets and have been estimated to earn savings up to 35% in a study. So next time you buy fruits and vegetables, try a local store.

Ask for a discount

Simply asking store managers for discounts has resulted in 10% discounts on purchase. There is no harm in asking and it is a nifty way of getting discounts.

Don’t use Paypal to pay on a credit card

Faulty products can be returned within a set number of days for a refund. When you pay with a credit card, credit companies become jointly liable to make sure shopkeepers refund your money. However if payment is made via a 3rd party portal then credit card companies are no longer liable. Save yourself! Avoid using Paypal or other such services to pay for goods.

Buy store brands

Store brands are cheaper and often similar in quality to branded ones. Buy store brands for thrifty purchases. What they lack for in brand name they make up in utility.

Pay with cash

Making payments via credit and debit cards can influence you to spend more than your budget. Additionally, if you don’t pay back the lender agency in time, the amount is charged interest. Always make purchases with cash. Limit the amount of money you carry and purchase goods that keep you under the budget.

Retailers are constantly innovating ways to make shop goes spend more money. Maxing out your credit in a shopping frenzy is easier than you think. Wanting to buy things is natural but curbing that desire is essential. Make sure you never get into credit card debt.


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