Eight Tips to Start Saving Now

The more money you have, the more you can save. Saving up on money should be an important priority for any person. Most of us have short term desires such as that expensive motorcycle or tech gadget that we want to get our hands on. Some like to save up in case of a rainy […]

Easier Loan and Credit Card Approval

Getting a credit card or securing a loan is not easy as one think. Lenders have the option to refuse your loan application. The reasons for this could be because of a poor credit score or no credit history at all. A bad credit score or no credit history points that you are not creditworthy. […]

5 Top Rated Apps To Manage Your Expenses And Plan Your Budget

Keeping a budget is one of the best ways to be financially responsible. But expenses take a big chunk out of any one’s budget. If you are hoping to cut down on your spending and save up, you have to first be aware of them. Gone are the days where you had to pull out […]

My Marriage is On the Rocks; We’re Always Fighting About Money. Help!

It’s okay for you and your spouse to get into fights. No married couple can avoid it. However, do your fights take an ugly turn (throwing of pillows and pans!) when you’ll start talking about who pays for what? Finance among couples can be a touchy topic which many prefer to avoid. Rather than talk […]

Should We Really Buy a Home or Just Rent?

To rent or to buy? That is the question. Though it is a parody not worthy of Shakespeare’s classic Hamlet soliloquy phrase, the underlying emotion is the same. If you have reached the proverbial cul-de-sac and are not able to decide whether to buy or to rent a home, read on to get a better […]

How to manage your credit cards and not be managed by them

Without plastic money, it’s difficult to get through the day. Today, most payments call for the use of credit cards. In turn, you have to pay back the money monthly with interest. If not managed well, credit card usage can make you over-spend money which you don’t have and result in debts which will piggyback […]

Why is Credit Card Debt is Bad

We may live in a cashless society, but the futuristic concept of a moneyless one is still quite far away. Most of us rely very much on plastic money in the form of credit cards. Credit cards give you a credit line to money which you don’t have. It creates a temporary debt which you […]